• Small and portable
  • Rugged and waterproof
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life
  • Easy mounting

The Mk7 tunnel laser has been specially designed for the demanding conditions that exist in many of today's tunnels, mines and drifts.

The unit emits a bright red beam of light which is focussed over a long distance to give a quick and accurate reference to ensure the excavation of straight tunnels and roadways. By using one of the many mounting systems available the laser can be quickly installed and surveyed to achieve the required direction then simply left for the excavation team to follow the beam ? ensuring perfect tunnel alignment 24 hours a day! The unit is available in two types for working over short or long distances.

MK7 tunnelling laser

Today's economical solution - Tunnel and roadway alignment - Mk7

Instant straight line reference for:

Conveyors, track, lifts - accurate installation - accurate installation saves wear and tear therefore costs

Longwalls - improves head and tailgate alignment increasing equipment efficiency.

Continuous miners, roadheaders - provides constant reference - less excavation - cost reduction.

Development ends, drifts, tunnels - better accuracy, less excavation - smaller amount of material to remove

Extending survey pegs - can cut survey time by 50% when used by unskilled labour to extend reference spads.

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